THE THERAPISTS BODY – Experiential workshop – Presented by Jean Knight

Saturday, 12 May 2018 - 10:00am to 4:00pm

The intention of the workshop is to encourage attendees to explore their own neurophysiology in the face of nonverbal and traumatic communications.  “We (therapists) need to drop in to our own psych neurophysiological history sufficiently so we can stay receptive to the challenging narratives we are invited to witness”.

Attachment theory teaches us that we need to pay close attention to the somatic communications in the therapeutic relationship. Preverbal experiences are embodied and often beyond the reach of language and yet must be shared if limiting thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and action tendencies are to be expressed, understood and challenged where necessary. We make ourselves known to one another in a variety of ways and our presence is literally felt by the other.

It is often assumed that therapists are experts at listening and attuning to this level of interpersonal conversation; that we can be fully open to attending respectfully to the often-traumatic stories our clients share with us; and that we can allow the full force of non-verbal exchanges to be felt without adopting our own default defensive strategies. However, to authentically meet our clients at these depths we need to be comfortable and well versed in the language of the body, especially our own.

We need to drop into our own psychoneurophysiological history sufficiently, so we can stay receptive to the challenging narratives we are invited to witness. This requires us to dwell fully and openly in our own embodied experience; to be curious about what it must tell us in any given moment; to honour and respect the amazing data base of information constantly at our fingertips and finally to trust and use what we glean, in our own best interests and on behalf of our clients.

Jean is an Integrative Transpersonal and Sensorimotor psychotherapist, Supervisor and Facilitator.  She has 36 years’ experience in the field of therapy, and attachment perspectives play a large part in her approach

This is a ticket only event and tickets may be reserved by email to: by 30th March. Tickets are £35.00 each to be collected and paid on the day. Please note: Any tickets reserved and not claimed will be invoiced for payment.