Simon Halford on aspects of psychosexual therapy

Saturday, 12 October 2019 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Simon will explore firstly the life in a day of a psychosexual therapist, that is look at what we treat and how we treat it. Secondly he will consider how to refer to a pyschosexual therapist and provide some case studies to explore how a counsellor or psychosexual therapist might work with sexual issues.

Simon Halford is a psychosexual psychotherapist specialising in the treatment of sexual and relationship issues using a range of approaches to meet the individual or couple's needs. Through counselling and therapy he aims to provide a safe environment and practical solutions for exploring and addressing sensitive sexual and relational problems for individuals and couples. The issues Simon treats include erectile dysfunction, pain during intercourse, loss of libido (sexual desire), sexual addictions including Internet pornography addictions, relationship difficulties and the impact of serious illnesses including cancer, strokes and cardiovascular issues on sexual function and relationships. Therapy is strictly confidential, and includes psychodynamic, person centred and cognitive behavioural approaches.