Reading Winnicott (2) Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomenon

Friday, 5 April 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm

A small study group facilitated by Rob Abbott

Three lunchtime reading discussion sessions focussing on the work of Donald Winnicott. In each session we will focus on one seminal paper from Winnicott. I can send you a copy of the paper which you will need to read before the session.

Please bring along a copy of the paper and, if you wish, some lunch and a drink.

The small charge for each session is for room hire and ticket admin via Eventbrite. All three events are being held in the upstairs rooms of the Friends’ Meeting House, Chichester.

Session 2: Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomenon

Transitional phenomena make it possible for the baby to make the journey from being merged with mother to becoming separate. In this 1951 paper Winnicott explores how ‘other than me’ objects are integrated into the infants growing sense of self.