Peter Jenkins - Counselling, Psychotherapy, Ethics and the Law

Saturday, 17 April 2021 - 2:00pm

This workshop will:  explore the relationship between legal and ethical aspects of therapy; provide an overview of the law in relation to therapeutic practice; identify how the law applies standards to therapists who are alleged to be in breach of professional guidelines.

Law is rarely included as a core part of our initial trainng as therapists. This can lead to uncertainty about the extent of our professional obligations towards employers and clients, and to concerns about our own legal liability, as evidenced in the increased use of terms such as 'duty of care' within our professional discussions. This participative workshop aims to clarify the basic contours of the law in relation to our therapeutic practice and to translate these concepts into more familiar ethical concepts. The key concept of 'duty of care' towards clients will be explored and unpacked by discussing a landmark case of alleged therapist negligence, and by identifying some of the main implications for practising in a safe and competent manner.

Peter Jenkins is a counsellor, supervisor and researcher. He has been a member of the BACP Professional Conduct Committee, and of the UKCP Ethics Committee. He has published widely on legal aspects of therapy, including:

Therapy with Children. (2010) Sage, Second edition (co-author with Debbie Daniels).

Exploring Children’s Rights (2013) (Training pack) Pavilion, Second edition.

Counselling Psychotherapy and the Law. (2007) Sage, Second edition.

Professional Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy: Ethics and the Law (Sage, 2017).