FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS – Experiential Workshop - presented by Janet Gunn.

Saturday, 17 February 2018 - 10:00am to 4:00pm

This will be a fascinating experiential workshop and numbers are limited to a maximum of 25 thus it will be a ticket only event.

Family Constellations are a powerful way of exploring the dynamics within families, the entanglements and hidden loyalties that keep families stuck in ways of living that hinder individuals and their family system from flourishing.

Constellations offer a method of working with family issues which:-

  1. Highlights the underlying, often unconscious trans-generational dynamics that keep the old system in place despite our best efforts;
  1. Looks for a resolution, a new order to replace the invisible entanglements causing suffering and illness and blocking growth and happiness.

This workshop provides you with the opportunity to experience Family Constellations, your own and those of others.  You can participate as a Client and bring a personal issue you wish to explore.  Or you can attend as a Representative in another person’s Constellation, or as a member of the holding circle.  All provide enlightening and often deeply moving opportunities to discover the unconscious dynamics affecting you and your family and reconnect in ways that allows love to flow again.

Janet has a background in education and business.  She is a UKCP  Registered  Psychotherapist and member of BACP.  Trained at the Gestalt Centre London, she now works from Farnham in Surrey, providing psychotherapy and counselling for individuals, couples, young people and groups.  Janet qualified in Bert Hellinger’s method of systemic Family Constellations and facilitates workshops which explore trans generational family dynamics from a phenomenological approach.


Tickets may be reserved by email and are £40.00 each to be paid for on the day. £35.00 for early payments in advance.    Please email: to book a ticket by 9th February.  Please note: Any tickets reserved and not claimed will be invoiced for payment.