Ecotherapy with Nick Totton

Saturday, 17 June 2017 - 1:30pm to 5:30pm

This will be our biennial lecture for 2017. We are combining this with a celebration of SGPC. We would like to invite all attending to join us before Nick’s presentation for a simple lunch starting at 1.30 (included in the ticket price) to celebrate more than 30 years of networking and collaboration between therapists working within our local community.


" Wild Therapy is concerned with the polarised themes of wildness and domestication which run throughout human history and culture. Wild Therapy points out that mainstream psychotherapy and counselling have become too identified with domestication and associated concepts like boundaries, objectivity and control; it seeks to rebalance therapy - and in the long run, human culture - with a good dollop of wildness, spontaneity, boundlessness and passion.

For this purpose, we take therapy outdoors, to encounter the other-than-human and the more-than-human - animals, birds, plants, trees, hills, rivers, winds, dreams, ghosts, spirits. Spending time ‘in nature’ can help us appreciate that we are never anywhere else, always inhabiting and encountering our own nature in all its wondrous strangeness. Then we bring the outdoors back into the therapy room, allowing it to reshape our therapeutic practice in unexpected ways.”


COST:  £45 SGPC members, £50 non-members   

Early bird tickets (bought in advance, before 5th June 2017):
£40 SGPC members, £45 non-members,
£25 counselling students currently in training


Please contact us via the Contact Form on this website if you would like to order a ticket for this event.

SGPC was founded in 1983 and seeks to value tradition in counselling and psychotherapy alongside contemporary and progressive approaches and ideas. 


You can read more about Nick’s work at his home page